Any field data needs to be processed and interpreted. Astra offers you software.


The program is designed for displaying, analyzing, modeling and inverting transient method data obtained using different measurement setups. Modeling and inversion are performed within the framework of a horizontally layered model and within a 2.5 dimensional model of the environment.


The program is designed to display, analyze and interpret electrical surveys using the induced polarization (IP) method in the time domain. The program is focused on working with profiling results and allows you to work with data obtained with any of its settings.


The program “IPPOLYGON” is designed to solve the direct problem of the methods of resistance and induced polarization (IP) within the framework of a two-dimensional (2D) geoelectric model of the medium. The geoelectric section is modeled by a set of polygonal regions (arbitrary polygons) with constant electrical resistivity and polarizability within each region.


  • The program for measuring the IP of the AIE-2 equipment (Version 3.44, 2017)
  • The program for measuring the MPP of AIE-2 equipment (Version 4.2, 2017)
  • AIE-2_Technical description and operation manual
  • AIE-2_Guide to EP measurements
  • AIE-2_Guidelines for MPP measurements
  • Description of the TEMIMAGE program
  • Description of the IPVISION program
  • Description of the IPPOLYGON program