The Astra company has a solid fleet of geophysical equipment necessary for performing electrical exploration, seismic exploration, areal surveys, well logging, and other works.

Electrotomography using resistance and induced polarization methods:

  • from the surface to a depth of 150 m;
  • according to the system well-well and well-surface;

Electrical prospecting by the method of induced polarization in the time and frequency domains using generators with a power of up to 2 kW;

Seismic exploration of refraction, refraction, seismic tomography on refracted waves;

Electrical profiling and sounding on direct and alternating current, as well as by the EP method;

Areal surveys using the PEEP and magnetic prospecting methods;

Well logging (up to 900m), methods – GK, KS, PS, thermometry, resistivity, flow metering;

Engineering georadar work.

Full list of equipment

CGE “Astra” has the latest hardware, methodological and software complex for conducting surveys by the method of Electrotomography.
Detailed description of the Electrotomography method


Our company has additional capabilities for organizing and performing work using aerogeophysical methods. Aeromagnetic, spectrometric, thermal and gas surveys can be performed using the experience and production base of partners.