The production of works is carried out mainly on their own.

If necessary, highly qualified specialists and developers of new methods and equipment can be involved. It is possible to provide supervisory assistance to customer enterprises in organizing and conducting any geological and geophysical surveys, mathematical processing and interpretation of the obtained geophysical data.

Permanent personnel of “Astra”

20-25 people. It is formed from specialists with experience in various areas of geophysical services, from engineering geophysical surveys to areal geophysical surveys and regional studies.

Financial and economic opportunities and human resources of the “Astra”

allow in a short time (1-3 weeks) to organize and simultaneously carry out work by several field teams. In the case of solving problems with large volumes of work or performing a long-term project, it is possible to organize several field parties within 1-2 months.

The expedition is ready to take part, both in the full cycle and at individual stages of geological and geophysical work, from drawing up design estimates to submitting a report.

Main areas of work at the present time:

  • Integrated geophysical surveys during engineering and geological surveys and hydrogeological works;
  • electrical exploration by any methods (resistance, transients, induced polarization, natural field), using advanced tomographic techniques;
  • seismic work to a depth of 200-300 m, as well as seismic microzoning (SMR);
  • magnetic and gravity surveys for prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits and solving other geological problems;
  • logging work on wells up to 1000 meters and hydrogeophysical research;
  • cross-well surveys using electrical and seismic exploration methods using unique tomographic techniques.